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Boutique New Farm Retirement Living project.

Bolton Clarke New Farm

Bolton Clarke is proposing a contemporary retirement living community at Sargent Street, New Farm. This is the site where we operated the former Treetops residential aged care home.
Our offer will allow New Farm residents to live in age-appropriate dwellings with extra support as needed in a safe, supportive and connected community.

We’ve been part of the New Farm community for decades

We acquired the property in 1999 as a joint venture with the War Widows Guild. For the next 20 years we provided on-site care and support for up to 88 elderly New Farm residents and built strong relationships with families and local community organisations. We voluntarily closed the aged care community in 2019, and relocated residents to more modern Bolton Clarke communities.

Built in the 1950s, Treetops was voluntarily taken
out of service in 2019.

We considered the age of the property no longer met the standard of amenity that is consistent with Bolton Clarke’s accommodation offering and was not in keeping with changing community and resident expectations.
Despite our efforts to refurbish the property and maintain sustainable resident numbers, we experienced low and declining occupancy.
Since closing Treetops and re-settling the remaining residents, we have carefully considered an alternative accommodation and service offering for this location.

Retirement living proposal

While there is sufficient aged care within New Farm, there is a lack of purpose-designed retirement living options for locals. We are planning to repurpose the site to provide retirement living residences and meet this need.

Locals who love living in New Farm will be able to transition into a modern retirement community with contemporary seniors living apartments, recreation and leisure facilities, social hubs and a range of care and wellbeing services to maintain and sustain autonomy, independence and a high quality of life.

Bolton Clarke

Former Treetops aged care residential home – closed since 2019

Retirement Living provides comfortable housing and convenient lifestyle options for senior Australians.

Many seniors today want to stay in the vibrant, urban neighbourhoods they have called home for many years, where they can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle, pursue their interests and remain connected to their community, friends and family.
Retirement communities allows our residents to age-in-place and by doing so, to live their best possible life without the challenges of social isolation often associated with downsizing and the move away from established networks.

James Mantis, General Manager, Property Development & Asset Management, Bolton Clarke

Before we lodge our development application with Council, we invite you to have a discussion with us about our proposal.

Our purpose

Bolton Clarke strives to help people live a life of fulfilment. We earn the trust of those we serve by:

Treating them with dignity and respect

Acting with empathy and integrity

Understanding and responding to their individual needs

Continually improving what we do via insights, research and innovation

Your feedback

During this planning phase we are keen to discuss this project with you.
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